The Righteous Husband | Abū Idrīs Muḥammad

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For all our virtuous brothers and sisters who have been anxiously waiting to listen to this heartfelt advice with their loved ones, and for all our noble brothers who are eager to race towards good and enhance their conduct towards their wives and be amongst those that our beloved Messenger (ﷺ) described as being ‘the best to their families,’ Masjid us-Sunnah are delighted to announce the release of the lecture entitled: “The Righteous Husband” delivered by our noble brother and teacher Abū Idrīs Muḥammad.

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On Saturday, 7-Jumada al-awwal-1439 | February 3rd 2018,  Abū Idrīs conducted a lecture illustrating how a Muslim can become a righteous, merciful and dignified husband.  A husband that treats his wife with kindness, mercy and justice. One who dwells with her in tranquillity and affection, making it easy for her to obey and respect him, thus paving an easy pathway to Jannah for both of them.

In the lecture, our noble brother highlighted the numerous ways in which a man could strive to be a righteous husband, explicitly mentioning specific characteristics and traits he should aspire to emulate.

In addition to this, he shared compelling evidences as a warning and admonition, reminding the oppressive husbands that Allāh, The Exalted, is The Protector and Guardian over the women, and it is Allāh Who will reprimand those who unlawfully mistreat and oppress their wives.

If you are sincerely seeking goodness in your marital affairs and are truly keen on getting rid of the evil consequences of being unjust and you’re ready to enjoy the fruits of a beautiful marriage, take some time out to listen to this informative lecture and share it with anyone who wishes for a tranquil home.

Main points:

  1. Providing For Your Wives
  2. Do Not Hit Her
  3. Soft Tone With His Wife
  4. A Man Beautifies Himself For His Wife and He Smells Good
  5. From Affection and Mercy Is That You Assist Your Wife with the Household Chores
  6. The Messenger of Allāh Would Make His Wives Smile and Laugh
  7. The Ways to Build the Bridges of Love
  8. Do Not Criticize, Ridicule or Put Her Down
  9. Do Not Forsake Her Home
  10. Do Not Focus on Her Shortcomings
  11. Being Good To Your Women
  12. Good Character
  13. Be the Means of Her Having Salvation from the Hellfire

Problems That Occur in the Home Due to the Men

  1. Forsaking the Prayer
  2. Travelling Excessively
  3. Not Fulfilling The Needs of Your Wife
  4. The Businessman
  5. The Rights of His Wife vs. the Rights of His Parents
  6. Not Respecting The Parents of Your Wife
  7. The Occupied Caller

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