Happiness | Shaykh ʿAbd al-ʿAzīz B. Bāz

    من أراد السَّعادة، فعليه بأسبابها، وأسبابُها طاعة الله ورسولِهِ، وصحبة الأخيار، والبعدُ عن صحبة الأشرار، والصَّبرُ على المصائب، والشُّكر عند النِّعم. هذه السَّعادة. أن تكون صبورًا على طاعة الله، صبورًا عن... Read More

Ḥassan al-Baṣrī  | Teaching The People

Ḥabīb al-ʿĀbid said: “I entered al-Baṣrah and saw that its markets were closed. I asked: ‘Do you have an ʿīd (celebration) that I do not know about?’ They replied: ‘No, but Ḥassan al-Baṣrī is... Read More

**Eid Salaah Time Now 8:15 am at Avenue Park TW5 9RX

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Masjid us Sunnah Eid Prayer (in accordance with the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allaah-Salaalahu alaihi wa-salaam, will be held in an outdoor Mussallaa)   On Saturday 4th October 2014   Time: 8:15 am   Location: Avenue Park (Tennis Courts), Cranford, TW5 … Read More

Qawaaidul Arba 5 Week Course Saturdays 18:30

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Qawaaidul Arba 5 week course every Saturday 18:30 – 19:30 BST  – Starts Saturday 10th May 2014 – Teacher: Abu Suhailah Umar Quinn (In conjunction with Masjid Rahmah New Jersey) We encourage you all to attend the Masjid for the lesson, for those … Read More

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